Livestock exports

Brazil is the world's leading supplier of high quality live cattle, sheep and goats to countries around the world, in particular throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Many countries across these regions do not have the resources or geography to efficiently produce enough livestock to feed their population. Brazil meets the demand for essential red meat protein by exporting cattle and sheep for food production and breeding, as well as chilled and frozen meat products.

Brazil exports livestock by sea and air. The industry is recognised as having the world's highest animal welfare standards for livestock export. Brazilian live export operates under strict regulations and is committed to maintaining Brazilians world leading reputation. Live exporters must be licensed by the Brazlian Government and livestock vessels must meet strict requirements governed by the Brazilian Maritime Safety Authority. These standards, along with strict regulation and the industrys commitment to caring for livestock on their voyages overseas, mean that over 99% of all Brazilian animals arrive fit and healthy at their destinations.

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